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Smart-BUS Technology® has Many Unique Ideas and Methodology not only in the New World's Automation Standard New Protocol, but also uniqueness in each device functionality or part of the Product structure or solution.

SmartHome Group as the inventor has Made sure to register these intellectual properties to Guarantee continuous uninterrupted support to all smartHome-Group Network Partners world Wide.

Some of the Selected Patents References are:
• Smart-BUS: 201110123081.0
• Zone-Audio: 201120231156.2
• Dynamic LCD Display Panel: 201120213397.4
• Multi-Functional Sensors: 201120213375.8

In addition to patents, Smart-Group Has registered All the Needed Trade Marks, official Logos and registered domain names Used Globally.

Some of the selected official Trade Marks:
• Smart Home
• Smart High Definition Living
• Smart BUS Automation
• Smart Mesh
• Smart Cloud
• Zone Audio
• Zone BUS Control
• Automation Simplified

Only Smart-Home Industrial Group or its Officially Authorized Licensed Partners Have the right to use, to produce or to re-produce any of the Smart-BUS Products that Carries: S.Bus Technology either embedded or even implied.

Genuine Product:
Due to the Global success, Many Companies is trying to manufacture counterfeit products to gain market share. Smart-Group has made a simple yet advanced way to fight such companies:
1 - Genuine Products Cost from Smart-Group is Guaranteed Less than counterfeit
2 - Genuine Products Have More advanced Features available only From Smart-Group
3 - Genuine Products Carry Both Laser tags, and registered Trade Marks engraved into the Product Body or Imposed from the Materials

Kindly request the Counterfeit Checking and the Unique Marks Distinguisher Manual from your Nearest Distributor at your area.

SmartBUS G4 DDP Patent
Dynamic Display
Panel (DDP)
Smart Mesh Network Patent
Smart Mesh Network
SmartBUS G4 Sensor Patent
S-Bus Automation Protocol System
S-Bus Automation
Protocol System
SmartBUS Zone-Audio Patent
SmartBUS Train Connection
SBUS Train


Sipo China United States Patent and Trademark
US Patent Certification State of Nevada - Office of the Secretary of State