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Why Smart-Bus (S-Bus)?

Smart-BUS is technically more or less the only complete Home Automation System in the world at present. The system is designed entirely from the experience of an installer whom has faced every integration issues and difficulties over the past decade. (He is Mainly One of You).

"I was an Installer and Integrator before coming up with an idea and implemented the design of Smart-BUS" quoted, Firas Mazloum (Designer and Patent Owner Partner of Smart-BUS)

The SmartBus uniquely solve Several Installer Problems Today:
1 - SmartBUSWorks on Normal Cat5 Wires widely available in any market
2 - Flexible Operation Voltage that Range between 8VDC-32VDC to overcome Long Distance wires or Bad quality conductors
3 - SmartBus have Multiple Lines of Protection:

a. Overload Protection
b. Over Heat Protection
c. Reverse Polarity Protection
d. Short Circuit Protection
e. Surge Protection

4 - SmartBUS Cancel big cabinets requirement by saving Space due to small modular Sizes
5 - Easy Expandability Due to SMARTBUS / Smart-MESH Flexible Topology acceptability:

a. Daisy Chain Applicable
b. Open or Closed Loop acceptable
c. Start Topology workable
d. Grid Topology Possible

6 - 64Bit Addressing that Enable almost infinite Devices to be added for any home, Palace, Building, or even whole Village or Town
7 - Simple Tools Requiredto complete Major Installation mainly:

a. Plier or (45 degree Cutter)
b. Screw Driver (Tester)

8 - Any Electrician Can Install, Test, Commission, configure the System without Need fro Any PC, the systems that do not need Pro Programing for initial workability Include:

a. Dimmers
b. Relays
c. HVAC Climate control
d. Zone Multi room Audio Distribution
e. DDP LCD Panels
f. Wall Button Type Switches
g. 9in1 Sensors
h. MIX Control Beast
i. FAN Speed Module

9 - Installer Can Add Powersupply Wishfully on the go at any location to boost the Network
10 - The smart-BUS cover Directly without any Need for Any Integration with Direct Plug and Operate; all the following Specialized system Categories:

a. Mood Lighting and Dimming including Fluorescent Ballast and LED color DMX (240,000 Lighting Channels)
b. Air-conditioning Control (30,000 FCU/AHU/VAV)
c. Security and Safety (250,000 Addressable Zones)
d. Distributed Digital Multi Room Audio (1740 Zones)
e. Audio Visual IR Control with Sequence (macros) and *IR Libraries
f. Multifunctional Sensors S-BUS Ready with

i. PIR Motion Sensor
ii. Dry Input Sensor for Several Magnets and detectors
iii. LUX linear Intensity Brightness sensor
iv. Current Sensors
v. Analogue Sensors (Temp, Humidity, Pressure, Liquid level..etc.)

g. Access Control with card Readers and door Bell
h. Multifunctional User Interface Panel (standard Wall Switch Size) that enable:

i. Channel and Mood Lighting control
ii. Temperature control
iii. Music selection with song information display
iv. Shades, curtains and Drapes control
v. Show control, Multimedia control and Many More

i. Ceiling Fan speed control
j. Motor Control for gates, garages, Curtains, Shades ++
k. Pump and Generator Set Control
l. Power Metering
m. Automation Logic with Timers
n. *Web Host with "Cyber Home Chat" Server
o. Hotel GRMS (Guest Room management System)
p. *IP Intercom One to Many with POTS Link and TV Link
q. IP Bridges, RS-232 Interface, W-BUS and *Zigbee Interface, *KNX Interface, NuvoDridge, Honeywell Bridge, *Gree VRV Bridge, *CAN-BUS, DALI, *MOD-BUS Interface
r. Android Ready Applications, *IPhone, *I.pad, WinCE, WinXP, Win7
s. Cable Managers BUS Ready

11 - Smart-BUS Several Integrated Sister Companies add to the Spice Ready plug in and control systems like:

a. Long range RFID for cars (up to 50 Meters active range)
b. Presentation Scalers for Meeting Rooms
c. Motorized Projector and Plasma Lifters for Media Needs

12 - The Easy User Interface, the elegant compact design and the Flexible fascia as well as the *matching design power-line and outlets do complete the needs of any architect and home owner in modern, elegant and compact style.
13 - Smart-BUS is money Saver for any installer (Material, Equipment and Time):

a. Easy Minimal Wiring
b. One Panel and One Pipe with One cable for All your Zone Control Needs
c. Installs in Minutes with easy locating ability due to small size
d. Fully Protected No idle repair time nor waste
e. Flexible usage of same Module No need to buy many Devices
f. Programing can Be done Manually on site within Seconds
g. Professional Configuration with AV macros and logics can be programed within Minutes only for complex functions

14 - Cost Effectiveness: Smart-BUS Guarantees that Any Home Can be automated within Normal Standard System Budget.
15 - Support and Availability: Smart-BUS is backed up by Smart-Group in Many Countries, and has extensive network of Distributors and Dealers worldwide.
16 - Continuous Training and certification is always available at many nodes worldwide
17 - And Mostly because Smart-BUS Inventor Never Stop Making New Ideas and Easy to Install and Use systems always and on daily basis.